Neeraj Kainth

Neeraj Kainth

Chief Executive Officer,



Karl Horvath

Chief Information Officer,

La Salle University

La Salle University was facing multiple challenges to manage user identities and accesses across the institution. The IT team had to put a lot of manual efforts to provision and de-provision users, every time a new user joins or leaves the institution. This added too much workload on IT resources which could have been better utilized, if this process was automated.

Initially, La Salle University was looking to implement Microsoft® Identity Manager (MIM) to provision or de-provision users. However, they were not convinced with its cost and complexity. Moreover, they required a one-stop solution identity and access management solution to deliver seamless user experience to its staff, faculty and students.

As a solution to these problems, La Salle University chose QuickLaunch to manage user identities and accesses across the institution.

The results are transformative and have direct impact on productivity of IT administration. QuickLaunch’s AI-powered provisioning engine has helped La Salle University to improve institutional agility, reduce IT costs and simplify user lifecycle.

Key Takeaways

  • Provision users from Banner to Active Directory on the fly
  • Enable role-based access control and management across the institution
  • Detailed understanding on managing identities and accesses across the institution with lowest efforts and tightest security
  • Fortify security by going password-less
  • Save helpdesk cost up to 70%
  • How QuickLaunch can help your institution to automate user lifecycle