Changing the Face of IAM with AI-Driven Automated Provisioning Engine

What if you could automate the process of provisioning users from your ERP/LMS to Directory? QuickLaunch uses blueprints with cloud automation and management capabilities to automate provisioning in cloud for higher ed institutions and organizations.

The results have been transformative and have direct impact on productivity of IT administration. The all new AI-driven provisioning engine has helped institutions improve business agility, lower IT costs and simplify user lifecycle management.

Key Takeaways

  • Onboard users on the fly maintaining peace between HR and IT
  • Provide role-based access control (control who has access to what)
  • Help in multi-source integration
  • Simplify user lifecycle management
  • Improve institutional security and reduce cost

April 25th, 2019


Duration: 45 mins


Neeraj Kainth

Chief Executive Officer,


Steve Brown

Customer Engagement Manager,