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Delivering an All-in-One Security Solution

Technology-focused enterprises cannot afford a data breach. This spoils their reputation and make their customers lose trust in them. Growing businesses need an all-in-one security solution that can minimize the IT resource utilization, help the employees to boost their productivity and provide them self-service capabilities.

QuickLaunch IAM Products to Cater the Pain Points of Technology-Focused Businesses


AI-Driven Identity Platform

QuickLaunch addresses identity challenges for technology-driven industries by providing mission-critical identity and access management capabilities across existing applications.

Self-Service Password Manager

The process of password reset gets automated by providing self-service capabilities to the users. The employees can reset their passwords on their own without involving the IT helpdesk.

Role-Based Access Control

Control who has access to what through role-based access control. It lets you onboard and assign employees the right apps and access based on their role in the organization.

Strengthening Security and Transforming User Experience

img Improving Productivity of Employees

QuickLaunch Single Sign-On eliminates the need of remembering multiple credentials for multiple applications by providing one-click access to all the apps on a single screen. The employees just need to remember a single credential to access all the applications.

imgReinforcing the Organizational Security

QuickLaunch eliminates Shadow IT by enabling employees to access thousands of apps. QuickLaunch adaptive authentication uses artificial intelligence to determine whether to prompt users for MFA or not. Any deviation from their usual behavior will prompt them for MFA

img REnhancing the Productivity of IT

QuickLaunch Self-Service Password Manager limits the number of password reset requests going to IT helpdesk, thereby freeing IT for other productive tasks.

img Streamlining User Provisioning/De-Provisioning

QuickLaunch User Provisioning & De-Provisioning, lets you create, modify and delete user accounts in your admin panel to ensure that different employees with different roles have the right level of access to applications in real time.

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