Cloud Single Sign-on (SSO) Software for K-12 Institutions

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Deliver a Secure and Superior User Experience through the Power of Single Sign-on

As a prime mover in the IT team of a K-12 institution what is your priority? It is obviously one or more of the following things such as:

  • Driving Portal usage among students
  • Driving Portal usage among parents
  • Driving Portal usage among staff
  • Get going LIVE with the portal at the shortest implementation timeline
  • Ensuring that it’s easy-to-use and there is not much of a learning curve
  • Ensuring that your mission-critical applications such as Moodle ®, Blackboard ®, Canvas ®, Outlook®, Skyward® etc. integrate easily with it.

Imagine if you could achieve all of these using one single tool that will get you all of the above-mentioned benefits, thanks to the power of Single Sign-On. QuickLaunch Single Sign-On does exactly that by enabling tens of thousands of students across several top educational institutions in the United States access all of their mission-critical applications with a single click.

QuickLaunch : Feature Highlights

Cloud-based Software

The entire realm of IT is moving towards the cloud. A cloud-based single sign-on tool eases manageability, cuts costs & solves a whole lot of issues such as scalability etc. with unseen ease. QuickLaunch is a SaaS-based solution that helps institutions achieve single sign-on.


QuickLaunch empowers teams to manage single sign-on and password resets on a self-service basis. Not just that, it is a 100% self-service SSO tool that doesn’t require professional expertise to help set up. QuickLaunch can be deployed, up & running, from anywhere between few minutes to few hours.

Zero Consulting Fees

Big banner implementations can get frustrating for IT teams. They are billed by the hour for consulting & implementation. They not only exceed the promised timelines due to avoidable complications that arise during implementation but also end up being expensive. With QuickLaunch, you have none of this, thanks to its self-serviceability.


QuickLaunch integrates seamlessly over 2000+ applications across different categories such as ERP, SIS, EMS, Email and many more. Its pre-built adapters can be a blessing to the instutions who can then use it to access all their essential apps in one place. This seamless access helps save a lot of time and boosts productivity.

On-Call Technical Support

Good luck with getting to a tech support rep in case of huge implementations. QuickLaunch offers an extremely warm & friendly team of experts who are available just a phone call away for any assistance while getting the product up and running.


QuickLaunch charges per active sessions instead of number of users which is the most common pricing method in the industry. However, as an SSO product, not all your users would be active all the time hence, you pay only for what you use.

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QuickLaunch has given The University of the Arts the tools it needs to provide secure authentication and single sign capabilities. Because of Quicklaunch, we are able to provide a smart and seamless experience to our students, faculty, and staff. Quicklaunch is reliable and a tool that I'd recommend as a product.

– Lauren Woodward –

Manager of Web Services