Automated Provisioning

Automated Provisioning | 3.5

November 22nd, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.5 introduces advanced mapping features to generate JSON, connector for Unifyed Admit and multi-AD lookup capabilities.

What's new

  • [DEV-1463] - New “Validation” type where we can specify table and column that we’d need to check in the output database (Data Maps)
  • [DEV-1464] - Definition of field type on output side for validation
  • [DEV-1557] - Connector for Unifyed Admit | Phase 1
  • [DEV-1563] - Advanced mapping feature to generate complex JSON
  • [DEV-1572] - Allow configuration of multiple notification for same role on Update event
  • [DEV-1583] - Password Sync from QuickLaunch to G Suite
  • [DEV-1586] - Ability to update Legal Names and Preferred Names for D2L users
  • [DEV-1602] - Ability to update email for Unifyed connector
  • [DEV-1448] - Multi AD lookup for generating unique field values via a staging table in source DB

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-1566] - User data is not sync if column value is null in source DB
  • [DEV-1577] - Connection frequency in configured to 30 minutes but is running every 2 seconds
  • [DEV-1603] - D2L Existing Cross listed parent course's Code is not getting updated when sections are added

Automated Provisioning | 3.4

October 18th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.4 introduces enhancements to G Suite connector (by Google) along-with CSV reading via SFTP and Crosswalk transition capabilities.

What's new

  • [DEV-1442] - Optional fields support for a user in G Suite
  • [DEV-1443] - Change history maintenance for records in G Suite
  • [DEV-1447] - Added Organisation Unit for Users in G Suite
  • [DEV-1457] - Added lookup table and column name ensuring uniqueness of attribute
  • [DEV-1461] - Introduction of a SFTP Adapter with ability to read multiple CSV's
  • [DEV-1448] - Multi AD lookup for generating unique field values via a staging table in source DB
  • [DEV-1453] - Add ability to add if/else criteria while applying custom transformation
  • [DEV-1462] - Introduction of Crosswalk transition method to replace source data based on a lookup/master data table

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-1468] - Creating multiple users with same primary key when users have same First name and Last name
  • [DEV-1478] - Welcome email is sent when an inactive user is created in AD
  • [DEV-1547] - CN value should not be changed while updating existing user in Active Directory
  • [DEV-1548] - Email Relay Settings: Password input should not be displayed in text
  • [DEV-1452] - Letters with accent characters were dropped

Automated Provisioning | 3.3

September 13th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.3 introduces the much-awaited connector for G Suite (by Google) enabling user creation and update, ability to suspend and purge users as well as ability to allocate groups to user.

What's new

  • [DEV-1324] - G Suite: User creation and update
  • [DEV-1326] - G Suite: Allocation of groups to user
  • [DEV-1405] - G Suite: Ability to Suspend user
  • [DEV-1406] - G Suite: Ability to Purge user
  • [DEV-1327] - Ability to create new Connector with AD as source for future ADSync operation
  • [DEV-1423] - Protection against long running query

Automated Provisioning | 3.2

August 9th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.2 introduces several new features, bug fixes and stability improvements for delivering optimum user-experience.

What's new

  • [DEV-1266] - Delete (purge) users from AD
  • [DEV-1234] - Hyphen and apostrophe should be retained in all attributes other than samaccountname or upn while creating users in AD
  • [DEV-1256] - Revoke licences if user is inactive or if mapping is changed on allocate licenses dialog
  • [DEV-1291] - Ability to allocate licenses and groups to user in Office 365

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-1240] - Connectors stop intermittently
  • [DEV-1241] - Welcome letter for multiple group selection is not working
  • [DEV-1242] - Banner database CPU spikes
  • [DEV-1243] - Connection monitoring reports are sent even when Connection is running
  • [DEV-1244] - While creating Notification settings, clicking on Save creates multiple copies of the same settings
  • [DEV-1246] - Field should not be added to AD if its value is null

Automated Provisioning | 3.1

July 3rd, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.1 introduces enhancements for Microsoft Office 365, D2L and several other bug fixes with stability improvements for greater user-experience.

What's new

  • [DEV-0964] - Allow users to selectively provision a single record to D2L
  • [DEV-1024] - Ability to search a record in Audit Log drill-down to success/failed record
  • [DEV-1025] - Ability to add count of total eligible records to be processed in last impacted section in Dashboard
  • [DEV-1079] - Add ability to send email from Automated Provisioning via SES
  • [DEV-1080] - Create a monitoring notification email to support team with status of live connections
  • [DEV-1124] - Add ability to select template for Update users
  • [DEV-1192] - Changes in samaccountname should appear as proper text i.e. ability to define login changed message
  • [DEV-1126] - Create users in Office 365
  • [DEV-1127] - Update users in Office 365
  • [DEV-1128] - Assigning User to Groups in O365
  • [DEV-1129] - Allocation of license to the User in O365

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-1194] - Update user attribute not working for Office 365

Automated Provisioning | 3.0

June 7th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.0 introduces connectors for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SQL Server and Unifyed along-with several bug fixes and stability improvements for greater user-experience.

What's new

  • [DEV-1002] - Microsoft Office 365 Connector
  • [DEV-1006] - Enroll instructors to parent course (D2L)
  • [DEV-1022] - Add ability to setup delay and schedule the time of delivery for an email template in a connection
  • [DEV-1023] - Add ability to set up the same email template for one or multiple groups in a connection
  • [DEV-1026] - Unifyed Connector
  • [DEV-1027] - Provision/de-provision users using Unifyed connector
  • [DEV-1028] - Provision/de-provision groups using Unifyed connector
  • [DEV-1029] - Provision/de-provision user's group membership using Unifyed connector
  • [DEV-1030] - Add ability to take XML input using FTP Connector and provision the same
  • [DEV-1032] - Microsoft SQL Server connector
  • [DEV-1043] - Add ability to remap uniquely generated sameaccountnumber suffixed with max 3 digit random number
  • [DEV-1048] - While writing back to Banner consider only the fields that are mapped in IAM write-back
  • [DEV-1114] - Allow same CN value for multiple users in different OU

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-1041] - @ is stripped off email when writing back to acknowledgement table
  • [DEV-1049] - In case AD entry has binary fields, write-back status was failing
  • [DEV-1097] - Email displaying junk data instead of expected text
  • [DEV-1113] - On Write Back status page, drop down does not display all the columns

Automated Provisioning | 2.2

May 6th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 2.2 fixes certain reporting related issues as well as introduces several new enhancements to D2L connector and user sync flows.

What's new

  • [DEV-996] - Ability to add multiple Banner courses as sections in a Parent Course (Cross List)
  • [DEV-997] - Enroll students to parent course and cross listed courses
  • [DEV-998] - Ability to retain groups selectively from mapped groups when user is disabled
  • [DEV-999] - Ability to set default password and set user must change password on first login
  • [DEV-1005] - Allowing special characters in user CN

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-1007] - Number of users provisioned and de-provisioned displayed in dashboard is incorrect

Automated Provisioning | 2.1

April 19th, 2019

With Automated Provisioning 2.1, we have introduced a Connector for Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) by Desire2Learn (D2L). Now keep your students, courses and semesters across colleges and departments in sync with Banner and enable learning experiences for your students like never before.

What's new

  • [DEV-819] - Creating D2L Connector
  • [DEV-820] - Creating and updating users in D2L from Banner
  • [DEV-821] - Ability to create semester in D2L
  • [DEV-822] - Ability to create a college in D2L
  • [DEV-823] - Ability to enroll users to Courses
  • [DEV-847] - Ability to create a department
  • [DEV-907] - Ability to add multiple unique fields while provisioning a user to AD
  • [DEV-950] - Deactivate courses from D2L based on their status in Banner
  • [DEV-951] - Un-enroll Student from courses in D2L based on Banner data
  • [DEV-952] - Un-enroll Instructors from courses in D2L
  • [DEV-953] - Data sync failure and recovery development
  • [DEV-963] - Ability to define mandatory fields while mapping D2L fields
  • [DEV-965] - Ability to view provisioned input in Dashboard on Timeline search
  • [DEV-967] - Deleted Connection cards will not show in Dashboard
  • [DEV-983] - All records will be processed in a Work unit for optimization purposes

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-923] - Incorrect count is displayed in reporting while data provisioning
  • [DEV-937] - Manual addition of a user not working in Firefox browser
  • [DEV-822] - Disabled user's userAccountControl value not changing when user OU is also changed

Automated Provisioning | 2.0

March 8th, 2019

Automate and setup schedules to seamlessly provision and maintain active users at your institute through Automated Provisioning 2.0 (AP). Transform data on-the-fly, notify provisioned users instantly and leverage on AP’s insightful Analytics to stay on top of your game.

What's new

  • [DEV-486] - Enabled FTP Connector creation
  • DEV-817] - Performance improvement by introducing parallel processing of user records
  • [DEV-906] - Design enhancements for optimum user-experience
  • [DEV-678] - User timeline widget in Dashboard now supports wild-card search
  • [DEV-808] - Ability to fetch records in batches from Source for greater performance
  • [DEV-809] - Connection management for fast data retrieval from Database
  • [DEV-908] - Ability to add Base DN while selecting the destination as AD
  • [DEV-880] - Ability to pick delta records since last data synchronization
  • [DEV-613] - Automated Provisioning Product manual

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-733] - Recipients getting Welcome email multiple times
  • [DEV-741] - Server restarts multiple times under load
  • [DEV-740] - Data synchronization should stop after deleting the connector
  • [DEV-930] - Test response loading icon missing in Firefox browser
  • [DEV-936] - Search Results drop-down is showing on selection of Connection in reporting

Automated Provisioning | Release Candidate 2

February 8th, 2019

Identity and Access Management / Automated Provisioning version RC2 prioritizes performance and product stability for optimum experience of the end-user.

What's new

  • [DEV-486] - Multi-node/tenant - Enabling auto-scaling capability
  • [DEV-672] - Ability to run synchronize job every X hours
  • [DEV-694] - Ability to add disabled user to a specific group

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-673] - Data should not synchronize after stopping an active Connection
  • [DEV-676] - Slashed some Dashboard UI bugs
  • [DEV-729] - Unable to create connection for new Tenant
  • [DEV-732] - Data synchronize stops working after re-starting Automated Provisioning
  • [DEV-736] - Synchronization failure with blank test response and message
  • [DEV-737] - Failed data from synchronization not reflecting in reporting
  • [DEV-740] - Data synchronization should stop after deleting a Connector