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Self-Service Password Management Tool

Empower your users with self-service password management. You could do away completely with the ordeal of having to call your IT helpdesk or remembering multiple usernames & passwords (God bless those stickies & post-its for carrying the burden all these years). QuickLaunch Password Manager makes the entire process simple & lean, thanks to the power of self-service, that a user who is stuck in a password situation can get it sorted before finishing his coffee.

QuickLaunch Password Manager Capabilities


Password Recovery

Help users recover expired passwords through multi-factor authentication.

Expiry Notifications

Set and manage password expiry notifications to facilitate updating of passwords.

Security Questions

Pick from our pool of questions or set your own questions for recovery.

Recovery by Email/Phone

Recover passwords through the use of phone or email (primary/secondary).


Get insightful reports on password resets, accounts that have MFA configured etc.


Deliver a seamless user experience through our custom branding capabilities.

What’s special about QuickLaunch?

img Multiple Active
Directory Support

You can add multiple Active Directories depending on your requirements & QuickLaunch Password Manager would seamlessly support them.

img Mandatory Account

Even before they get on with signing in, make the account recovery option mandatory. Let them secure their recovery options.

img Configure
Password Policies

You could draft & publish guidelines and policies for password setting so that your users can set strong passwords that are hard to crack.

img Time-based

Notify users with a “It’s been a while since you visited your recovery options”, get the options verified to ensure foolproof recovery.

img Customize the
Welcome Note

You could get rid of boring templated welcome notes & have your own welcome note, to reflect your brand identity & messaging.

img Admin

When the Admin changes the recovery options, notify users about the changes made. Get everyone on the same page.

img Expiry

QuickLaunch Password Manager is exceptionally good at handling password expiry situations whether it’s pre-expiry or post-expiry stage.

img Flexible
Recovery Options

Let your users choose their password recovery options via security questions / email.

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"We’ve had a really good experience with QuickLaunch SSO. They’ve been very attentive to our needs. We rolled out our SSO portal in January, and we are currently in the process of implementing their password reset product as well. I would definitely recommend them."

- Patrick Brown -

CIO at Illinois College


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