Are You Securing Your Users' Data?
Get started by enabling adaptive, multi-factor authentication

The Premise for Multi-Factor Authentication with Password Manager

Password reset automation is a great alternative to manual password resets through the IT helpdesk. Considering that it gives students instant access to their accounts and that it also helps save thousands of dollars on the IT helpdesk, it is the most natural thing to do for campuses. However, considering how the threat landscape is evolving and to be doubly sure of the identity of the person who initiates the password reset, multi-factor authentication at the time of password reset can be very helpful.

81 %

Data breaches are due to stolen or weak credentials.

Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2017.

Authentication Modes:

QuickLaunch Multi-Factor Authentication that is integrated with Password Manager offers the following modes to authenticate the user.

Security Question

Security Question:
Users are required to answer security questions to complete the authentication process


Users get a verification code by email that needs to be used to get them verified.


Users get a verification code on their phones which helps verify their identity.


Improved Security

Improved Security:
Enhanced IT security through multiple modes of authentication for users to verify their identities.

Role-based Authentication

Role-based Authentication:
The modes of authentication can be set according to the user roles and depending on the sensitivity of the data involved.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection:
Multi-Factor Authentication helps prevent identity thefts and security breaches related to identity thereby fortifying overall IT security.

About QuickLaunch:
QuickLaunch is an AI-based, self-service Identity as a Service (IDaaS) provider that solves the challenges for Higher Ed Institutions and Enterprises by providing world-class identity management system. Its key capabilities include Single Sign-On, Password Management, Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Provider, and Mobility solutions. Our system integrates all the applications enabling one-click access to all the apps using single set of credentials. Moreover, our Password Manager cuts the IT helpdesk cost by enabling password reset using multi-factor authentication at the user end. We also provide the best mobility solutions to enhance your mobile experience. Thousands of Higher Ed Institutions such as New Mexico State University, Rockhurst University, University of Dubuque, Virginia Community College System trust QuickLaunch for their Identity Management needs.