Security for the modern-day mobile workforce

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Security for the modern-day mobile workforce

Whether you are an enterprise or an institution or an organization, your mobile workforce/users are on the rise. The mobile has become an indispensable part of the modern-day enterprise be it productivity apps or file sharing or email or support tickets. To attain maximum productivity, your users need uninterrupted and secure access to mission-critical apps that contain sensitive information. Organizations enable this through their own mobile apps which take care of their authentication and authorization needs. QuickLaunch can provide you with a native mobile app that you can use to ID your users.

Mobility features


Branded app

QuickLaunch provides you a branded mobile app exclusively for you

Mobile Single Sign-on

Provide your users a single sign-on experience on their mobiles.

200+ pre-integrations

Leverage & benefit from over 200+ pre-integrated public applets

Benefits of QuickLaunch Mobility

img Anytime/Anywhere

Give your users anytime/anywhere access to their essential apps.

img Seamless

Ensure a seamless user experience irrespective of which device they use.

img Onboarding/ Offboarding

Synchronize the onboarding and offboarding of your users and their devices.

img Seamless

Ensure uncompromised security while still retaining flexibility.


"QuickLaunch has given The University of the Arts the tools it needs to provide secure authentication and single sign capabilities. Because of Quicklaunch, we are able to provide a smart and seamless experience to our students, faculty, and staff. Quicklaunch is reliable and a tool that I'd recommend as a product."

- Lauren Woodward -

Manager of Web Services


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