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With the entire Enterprise being cloud-bound, identifying your users for all those countless apps they need to work done can be very challenging. As an ID company, we specialize in solving identity-related challenges for tens of thousands of users. Provisioning & providing identity is the bedrock of your entire IT infrastructure and any holes in this makes your entire system vulnerable and brittle.

Manage the way users access & use several systems centrally. Let all your corporate identities live in one place that is flexible and paves way for federation in a secure manner. QuickLaunch Identity Provider helps you exactly with that and it helps create and manage user identities while you have all the control.

Key Highlights of QuickLaunch Identity Provider


Federation Support

Enable collaboration across multiple trust systems through QuickLaunch IDP’s Federation support.

Directory Integration

Enable safer & faster access to applications through QuickLaunch IDP’s Directory integration.

Secure Authentication

Supports most common authentication mechanisms like CAS, SAML, OAUTH, OPENAM etc.

Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Provision & De-provision access to applications for your users centrally through QuickLaunch IDP.

SSO & SLO Support

Enable single-click sign-on & single-click logout for your apps for your users thus sealing security holes.

Self-Service Admin Interface

Enable easy app registration though QuickLaunch Identity Provider’s self-service Admin interface.

Benefits of QuickLaunch Identity Provider

img Centralize

Whether is creation, management or provisioning (de-provisioning) let your IT admins have centralized control.

img Streamlined
User Experience

Deliver a stellar user experience by giving controlled yet easy access to hundreds of apps.

img Foolproof

With QuickLaunch IDP, you’d have no loopholes left in terms of de-provisioning users no longer part of your system.

img Reduced
Security Risks

Minimize security risks with centralized Identity provisioning & Management.

img Protocols &

Supports commonly used authentication standards such as SAML, CAS, OAUTH, OPENAM.

img Prevent Data

Eliminate the possibility of unauthorized
apps and possible data breaches/leaks.


"We’ve had a really good experience with QuickLaunch SSO. They’ve been very attentive to our needs. We rolled out our SSO portal in January, and we are currently in the process of implementing their password reset product as well. I would definitely recommend them."

- Patrick Brown -

CIO at Illinois College


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