Enhance Healthcare Experience at Your Centre With Superior Identity Management

Enhance security of your patient portal, deliver a seamless and secure experience to all stakeholders

The Premise of IT-driven Healthcare:

The digital revolution has completely changed the landscape of modern day healthcare. IT-driven medical Institutions have sensitive medical data at the core of it and it needs to be protected from threats such as intruder access, cyberthreats that could cost institutions dearly. Efficient identity management is a critical part of healthcare IT and QuickLaunch is built to cater to its changing needs.

QuickLaunch helps you:


Step up Authentication

Enforce strict password policies and step up authentication

Go Multi-Factor

Take no chances when it comes to user identities

Improve Compliance

Fortify security of sensitive data and improve compliance

Improve IT Healthcare Efficiency

img Centralize identity management

By centralized identity management, controls become easier for IT teams. This means that the necessary pool of patient data and history is available centrally and access can be managed with ease.

img Contextual Availability of Records

Different clinicians may require access to sensitive data at different points of time. Use role-based access management capabilities of QuickLaunch to ensure contextual availability of health records.

img Align BYOD securely

Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of modern-day healthcare. Multi-factor authentication using phone, SMS, call, voice recognition helps ensure that the right data is available to the right person.

img Enhance Security Multifold

Intruder access and security breaches can be a travesty in healthcare considering the sensitivity. Protect your institution against insider and third-party threats using AI-based security and authentication.

Single Sign-On for Healthcare Applications

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