QuickLaunch Identity and Access Management (IAM)
for Financial Services

Robust Identity Management Solutions Delivering Omnichannel Banking Experience.

The Ecosystem of Digitally Transformed Financial Institutions

Trust Conquers All. Today in this volatile business environment, digital business teams at banking, wealth management, insurance and financial institutions are facing challenges in terms of ensuring security, privacy and compliance while offering frictionless access which online customers demand. Also, financial institutions which is a customer-centric industry domain, it is a grueling task to secure and manage identities while providing convenient real-time access.

QuickLaunch IAM Products for context-sensitive financial transactions


Delivering Self-Servicing Password Management

With Self Service Password Reset users can confirm their identity using numerous customizable verification techniques including two-factor authentication.

Empowering Advanced
Multi-Factor Authentication

The multi-factor authentication platform of QuickLaunch complies with strict security and regulatory mandates governing financial marketplace.

Digitizing Enterprise-ready Identity Management Platform

QuickLaunch Identity and Access Management platform mitigates risk, secures data and satisfies compliance by giving users access to data and applications they need.

Accelerating Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions

img Complying with
regulatory requirements

QuickLaunch help financial institutions with an ideally suited platform which assist them in complying with Statutory and Regulatory Standards by enforcing strong authentication and storing data securely. QuickLaunch helps in providing secured access to applications and services.

img Reducing the
risk of breach

A robust and scalable IAM solution protects your institution against hacking attempts and unauthorized access. QuickLaunch SSO with its Identity Management platform offers secure access to applications and APIs.

img Enhancing Customer

QuickLaunch offers financial institutions like banks and credit unions with seamless, easy and simplified one-click access to all of your digital properties and personalized experience for deeper customer engagement.

img Freeing up
IT resources

Banks and credit unions have hundreds of password-protected systems and applications. Maintaining them is a bothersome task. Easy-to-use self-service password reset portal, enable staff members to resolve password issues on their own, reducing the burden on your IT staff.

Single Sign-On for Financial Applications

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