3 Benefits of Single Sign-On Which Are Often Overlooked

on April 23, 2019

Although Single Sign-On is one of the important features of an IAM suite, however, it is often underestimated. Here are some crucial benefits of using Single Sign-On:

Increases User Productivity

Single Sign-On automates login process and therefore, has a positive impact on user productivity. It brings all user applications on a single portal. Users need to log in once and they get one-click access to all resources they require to do their tasks.

At the first glance, the amount of time saved might seem negligible, but looking deeper, the amount of time spent finding and logging into individual apps really adds up. SSO allows users to spend more time working.

Reduction in Helpdesk Costs

Users are less likely to submit a “Password Reset” ticket to their IT department if they only have a single set of credentials. While password resetting might seem simple, it takes away a lot of valuable time of the employee as well as the IT department

A report published by Gartner stated that 20-50% of all helpdesk calls are for resetting passwords. Also, Forrester published a report which stated that the estimated cost of resetting a password is up to $70. IT can save both time and money with SSO.

Accelerates Usage of Company Promoted Apps

Since employees find all apps on a single platform, they are more likely to use apps promoted by the company instead of using apps outside the control of the IT department. Thus, reducing the risk of shadow IT.

Conclusively, Single Sign-On offers cost-saving benefits, increases productivity and provides enhanced user experience which shouldn’t be overlooked.