Exclusive Webinar: Automate IT Administration with Self-Service IAM Solution

January 29th, 2019


Duration 1 Hour

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Did you know 50-60% of today’s organizations and institutions are relying on manual Identity and Access Management (IAM)? While automated IAM eliminates the need for IT administrators to manually provision users and grant role-based access to multiple applications within the organization, manual IAM is laborious and error-prone.

The modern identity environment demands a powerful Identity and Access Management solution that can deal with users’ accounts and permissions within all business systems and applications. Organizations need to know who is accessing what, where, when, why and how. An Automated IAM solution can help the companies to be more productive, making a great impact on business results.

QuickLaunch Identity and Access Management suite helps you leverage following benefits:

  • Enhance efficiency of IT resources by provisioning new users automatically.
  • Coordination and Communication can be streamlined.
  • Keeping up with access is not at all a problem anymore.
  • One-click access to all the applications from a single screen.
  • Reset passwords with AI-based password reset bot.
  • Boost organizational security with multi-factor authentication.
  • Get deep insights and analytics about your users.

Complimentary Webinar on IAM with Illinois College Powered by QuickLaunch


Patrick Brown

Chief Information Officer,

Illinois College

Neeraj Kainth

Chief Executive Officer,