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With digital transformation reshaping the way organizations operate, providing users a seamless digital experience is a bare minimum necessity. The plethora of apps (web and mobile) that have found their way into our work lives have brought along a flurry of usernames, passwords and accounts. This list of applications is ever-growing and it is practically impossible to remember so many passwords. One click access, thanks to QuickLaunch Single Sign-On solution, an essential tool to get the best out of these applications and deliver a seamless and secure way to your end users.

QuickLaunch SSO Features

Single Sign On
Whether it is branding or adding applications, get it all done through QuickLaunch self-service portal.
App Suite
Salesforce, Box, Banner, ADP, Dropbox & more – 1-click access to literally every app you need at work.
Powerful Reporting
& Analytics
Get insightful & actionable insights on who are your users, apps they’re accessing and more.
Access Control
Give the right set of privileges to the right employee & manage them centrally.
You pay only for active users & not ‘all users’. Show us who can beat that!
Centralized global logout control & visibility into who’s using what (app)
Knowledge Base
Your go-to place for tips & tricks to handle any sign-on situation you may encounter.
App Usage
Maintain a fair app usage policy to optimize your resources & cut costs.

QuickLaunch is essential to your all-star IT team because it is:


Secure (Cloud-Based)

Helps you with easy & secure manageability, cut costs & make your users more productive.

Mobile & AI-First

Prepare for the future with our mobile & AI-first approach that makes you more agile & smart.

Loves Enterprise-Mobility

We love enterprise mobility & have made sure everything is in place to support that for you.

Benefits of QuickLaunch SSO

img Visibility

In-depth visibility into the user
behavior and application usage.

img Cost-Effective

Pay for what you use through
QuickLaunch License Manager.

img Control

Limit and control access depending on
business requirements.

img Productivity

Pave way for a productive base of
users by facilitating easy access.

img Mitigate shadow IT

Get all you need into your system
and erode shadow IT.

img Easy Manageability

Centrally manage your apps and give
users the ease of access they need.

img Unified Access

Grant unified access to all systems /
apps needed for business.

img Prevent Data Leaks

Eliminate the possibility of unauthorized
apps and possible data breaches/leaks.


"QuickLaunch has given The University of the Arts the tools it needs to provide secure authentication and single sign capabilities. Because of Quicklaunch, we are able to provide a smart and seamless experience to our students, faculty, and staff. Quicklaunch is reliable and a tool that I'd recommend as a product."

- Lauren Woodward -

Manager of Web Services


Make QuickLaunch Single Sign-On a part of your all-star IT team