Chicago, IL – 15th Feb - QuickLaunch, the leading Higher-Ed focused IDaaS company today announced that it will soon have Identity Provisioning and Deprovisioning capabilities. The General Availability of this release is expected to be around May 2018 while beta access to specific users will be made available at an earlier date.

Identity Provisioning & Deprovisioning will enable QuickLaunch clients to seamlessly manage identities in a streamlined, secure manner. Institutions can achieve AD Provisioning, LDAP provisioning, automated provisioning(Inbound & Outbound) based on existing ERP & SIS systems (Banner®, PeopleSoft® etc.) and more . It will include powerful features such as:

Bulk User Import – Institutions can import users in bulk from multiple sources.

Automated Provisioning – Institutions can onboard new users based on user roles and rules, and thereby deliver a highly personalized user experience. This not just saves time and effort but enhances end-user experience and satisfaction levels.

Just-in-Time Deprovisioning – Institutions can achieve just-in-time deprovisioning of its users to ensure that users are removed in real-time from the ID repository thereby bolstering security & compliance. This will help Institutions achieve seamless orchestrated user offboarding thereby preventing possible security cracks/lapses arising out of manual deprovisioning.

Insightful Reporting – Institutions will be able to generate comprehensive reports using the QuickLaunch platform that will help IT teams understand audit trails, historic records, application usage etc. This would be quite helpful at the time of compliance checks & audits when insightful reports will be just a few clicks away.

"We are glad to announce that QuickLaunch will soon have Identity Provisioning & Deprovisioning capabilities”, said Neeraj Kainth, Chief Executive Officer, QuickLaunch. “Our customers will soon have end-to-end Identity Management capabilities which will help them achieve complete User Lifecycle Management, in a seamless and secure manner powered by our platform.”, he added.

For beta-access, write to

About QuickLaunch:

QuickLaunch is a cloud based, self-service Identity as a Service (IDaaS) application integration platform helping enterprises and institutions build secure connection between their applications and their device irrespective of their integration protocol e.g. LDAP integrated Apps, Secure Web Authentication, CAS/SAML/OAUTH enabled Apps. Our Single Sign-On marketplace has more than 2000+ pre-integrated applications, providing an out-of-box integration to the most commonly known Enterprise Systems along with a single logout support system for all applications, thus enhancing the overall IT security. 1,000s of Higher Education Institutions such as New Mexico State University, Arkansas State University, Colorado Community College System, Virginia Community College System trust QuickLaunch with their Identity Management needs.