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Enforce "Who Has Access to What" All Over the Place!

QuickLaunch broke the old model of user provisioning and created a new one:
Painless, Fast, Predictable, Scalable and Low Cost

QuickLaunch Provisioning

A robust, intuitive cloud service for automating access control and identity life cycle management in world-record deployment time and for the lowest possible cost.
Now that's news!

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It's simple (literally)

QuickLaunch takes a fresh approach and eliminates the problems that derail provisioning projects such as integration complexity, programmed access controls, budget-busting customizations, and expensive on-premises administration. Our intuitive solution and state-of-the-art cloud operations make provisioning a low risk and high value endeavor, plus give-back hours every day to IT and security teams.

QuickLaunch Provisioning Features


Flip-a-Switch Integration

Our built-in adaptor library provides integrations for source and target system that are ready to work in seconds. You just recouped the #1 identity administration cost. Congrats!

Intuitive Configuration and Administration

Focus on WHAT you want to control, not HOW to implement a control. Our UI is optimized for each authorized persona, giving them the information and controls they need to get their job done quickly and accurately, time after time.

Managed Cloud Service

Identity Life Cycle Management is now available as a low-cost and secure cloud service. Reporting and analytics, performance monitoring, change control and other critical services are all part of your subscription.

Benefits of QuickLaunch User Provisioning

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Automate provisioning within three months of signing up. Deploy even sooner when using QuickLaunch implementation professionals on-site.

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Say "yes" to more projects, thanks to QuickLaunch's fast and predictable deployment time. Roll-out more services and drive more value across your enterprise.

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Self-Service Access Request

Managers, data owners, system owners and other delegated authorities can now request, change and remove access all by themselves!

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