Calhoun Community College Replaces Ellucian® Ethos® Identity With QuickLaunch For Banner®
8 And Banner® XE®

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Ellucian Banner Customers No Longer Require EIS, Thanks To QuickLaunch
Pre-Built Adaptor's

Chicago, IL, June 2017 - QuickLaunch, a leading Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) provider of Single Sign-On, is pleased to announce that Calhoun Community College, a Banner® institution, has chosen QuickLaunch to integrate and maintain single sign-on for their institutional environment with multiple applications such as Banner® 8 INB, Banner® 8 SSB®, Banner® XE® and other third-party enterprise applications including Office365®, Gmail®, Blackboard®, Canvas® and Moodle®.

Hartwell Bentley, Database Analyst at Calhoun Community College States:

Calhoun Community College faced multiple roadblocks with Ellucian® to integrate SSO with Banner® 8 and XE®. After working to create a project plan to begin on 03/03/16 to have Banner® XE® Self Service Apps in production with SSO by 6/03/16, the Ellucian® Managed Services team failed to complete the plan with no end in sight. Each task was promised to be completed in 5-10 days but in reality, each task turned into a 2 to 3 months long project. Also, in parallel, we paid Ellucian® Professional Services to work with us to install the XE® Apps to try to keep the ball rolling.

We turned to the QuickLaunch team in mid-October 2016 and they began implementation on 11/01/2016. The cost of our time at Calhoun and the additional cost of Professional Services were a result of the Ellucian® Project Plan not being met. Plus, we were going to have Ellucian® Professional Services step in to internalize our CAS server and complete the failed SSO integration. QuickLaunch was able to integrate SSO with not only Banner® 8 and XE® but they also included Banner® INB®, BlackBoard® and Atomic Learning® for Calhoun. The QuickLaunch team kept all their promises with a turn-around time and a price which was 1/4th in comparison to what Ellucian® Professional Services would have been. In all areas, the QuickLaunch team demonstrated expertise and quick action.

What is QuickLaunch Identity Provider?

QuickLaunch IDP is a cloud-based, self-service identity provider which supports various protocols including SAML2, CAS, WS-Federation, Open AM and Open ID to achieve single authentication across all the backend systems. QuickLaunch IDP comes with a built-in, highly-available identity provider eliminating the need of having an onsite Shibboleth or CAS environment.

Major Features

Customize the look & feel of the sign-on screen with your institution's branding elements such as logos, colors, images etc through our self-service branding interface.

Out-of-the-box SSO Adaptors
for 200+ Apps

Utilize the extensive set of over 200+ apps that have pre-loaded adaptors with QuickLaunch, ranging from ERP, SIS, LMS, eMail, productivity apps and more.

Self-Service Administrative

Create, customize & manage your own Single Sign-On apps through QuickLaunch's cloud-based, self-service admin interface

Prebuilt Adaptor for Banner® 8 (SSB & INB) & Banner® XE

In lieu of deploying EIS (Ellucian® Identity Service) along with having to manage and maintain an on-premise CAS deployment, clients can now use the QuickLaunch IDP which has prebuilt adaptors for both Banner® 8 (SSB & INB) and Banner® XE®.

QuickLaunch is currently supporting many institutions who are running on both Banner® 8 and Banner® XE® and parallely use application navigator along with providing SSO to other federated applications including Canvas®, Moodle®, Blackboard®, O365®, Gmail®.

Advantages of QuickLaunch

Improve Login Usability,
Access and Control

Zero Cost of

Shortened Go Live time(Anywhere from 2 Days to 2 Weeks)

Cloud-based: High on Security & Availability

Zero Cost of Professional Consulting/Setup

Move to QuickLaunch & Get rid of CAS & Shibboleth

QuickLaunch SSO Adaptors for Banner® 8 and XE® are available at NO COST

Various schools have selected QuickLaunch as their preferred partner instead of implementing and maintaining both EIS as well as an onsite CAS install, as QuickLaunch comes with a highly available cloud based Identity provider. Institutions can leverage either CPS (CAS Protocol Server) or SAML2 integration for integrating Banner® XE® and can continue to using CPS for their existing Banner® 8 components.

Develop Once, Deploy Everywhere

QuickLaunch Mobile provides an out-of-the-box integration, anywhere and everywhere, to the most commonly known Enterprise Systems including Ellucian® Banner®, Ellucian® Colleague®, PowerCampus®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, Jenzabar®; Campus Management and Learning Management Systems such as Moodle®, Desire2Learn®, Canvas®, Blackboard®, and to Email Systems such as Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® O365, Google Mail® and many more.