On-premises SSO: A Costly Affair or Worth Spending?


by Vin Pisupati
on Nov 17th, 2018

Zillions of options are available today when you will search for Single Sign-On. Some are on-premises, while others are cloud-based. Cloud-based SSO is gaining a lot of popularity today. Enterprises and Higher Eds are choosing cloud-based SSO over on-premises ones. What is the reason behind this switch? Before we try to unveil the devils of on-premises SSO, it is important to understand what on-premises SSO is.

On-premises (on-prem) SSO is installed on servers on the premises (in the company) of the person using SSO, rather than at a remote facility such as a cloud or server farm. Although on-premises SSO is lot secure in comparison to cloud SSO but unfortunately organizations have to incur a huge cost in maintaining these servers.


A- The Devils

B- Why Enterprises and Higher Eds choose On-Premises SSO?

Though on-premises SSO may be difficult to deploy, add costs to the organization, and have several risks associated with it, many Higher Eds and Enterprises are still making on-premises SSO as their choice. Here are the reasons for the same:

C- On-Premises SSO or Cloud-Based SSO – The Right Choice for Higher Ed Campuses

Cloud computing is an IT paradigm which enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and essential services that can be provisioned rapidly with minimal efforts. No doubt why Higher Ed campuses are switching to cloud-based SSO from on-premises.

Here is a brief comparison among the two:

Aspects On-Premises SSO Cloud-Based SSO
Cost On-Premises deployments place more upfront costs on the customers. Cloud/SaaS costs are classified as OPEX, reducing the need of approval of large CAPEX in a given year.
Scalability Adding hardware to on-premises server may take longer time. Cloud services are highly scalable. More disk space can be added quickly.
Deployment On-premises solution requires more involvement of IT team. Also, it has a slower cycle to release updates. It requires longer implementation time. IT involvement is less as compared to in-house deployment. Moreover, the software updates and backups are done by the vendor.
Backups The backups are expensive and difficult to maintain with on-premises solutions. The backups are less costly and automatically generated in cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based SSO solutions are the need of the hour. Higher Ed campuses must switch to cloud-based SSO solutions to reduce the costs incurred in deployment and minimize the time for implementation.