Learn why New Mexico State University switched from Ellucian® Ethos® to QuickLaunch

The choice of Single Sign-On solution is quite critical to the success of the initiative.

Often times, companies choose a solution that does not align with their broader objectives and that leads to several problems in terms of manageability, operations etc.

New Mexico State University used Ellucian® Ethos® to solve their sign-on challenges. Nevertheless, they faced a few issues in terms of high cost of professional consulting, lack of support, managing on-premise deployment etc.

They solved these issues by replacing Ellucian® Ethos® with QuickLaunch, which is 100% SaaS-based, mobile-first & AI-first.

By this, New Mexico State University could achieve the following:

  • Institution Specific Branding

  • Out-of-box SSO Adaptors for 500+ applications

  • Self-Service Administrative Interface

  • Around the Clock Support

  • Global Logout and Session Inactivity

  • Simplify Directory Integration

  • Their Own Cloud-Based IDP

  • Pay As You Go Live

Brandon Costales-Wise, Systems Developer from New Mexico State University, was the one who helped transition from Ellucian® Ethos® to QuickLaunch thereby enabling seamless access to essential applications in the University at a fraction of the cost.

About Brandon

Brandon Costales-Wise

Systems Developer at NMSU

Brandon Costales-Wise holds a degree in Bachelors of Information and Communication Technology. As a Systems Developer at New Mexico State University, he manages IAM, Single Sign On, Active Directory and administration of various Unix and Linux systems including the SIS.

About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is a cloud-based, self-service Identity as a Service (IDaaS) application integration platform that helps enterprises integrate their apps irrespective of their protocols including CAS, SAML2.0, WS-Federation, OAuth, Open ID and Open AM, thus eliminating the need for Ellucian clients to deploy, manage and maintain Ellucian® EIS®.

QuickLaunch prebuilt adaptors also eliminate the need for Ellucian® Banner® customers to develop, manage and maintain single sign-on integration to Banner® 8, Banner® INB, Banner® SSB, Banner® XE and other third party enterprise applications including Office365®, Gmail®, Blackboard®, Canvas® and Moodle®.