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Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

With the erosion of the Enterprise/Campus network perimeter, thanks to enterprise mobility & BYOD, users access sensitive information from multiple devices & locations. This poses serious challenges in terms of data security & compliance, thus mandating the need for establishing tighter gateways for your users. Adaptive Multi-factor authentication from QuickLaunch solves this problem by giving your users the flexibility to access the resources they need from anywhere at any time while giving you all the control you need to authenticate them in a foolproof and secure manner, thereby creating a win-win for all.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Capabilities of QuickLaunch


Password Manager Integration

Enable a secure password reset mechanism through multi-factor authentication.

Role-based Authentication

Establish role-based authentication through several modes like SMS, email, mobile app.

Challenge Questions

Verify your users through challenge questions & make sure the right person logs in.

Push Authentication Notifications

Enable user authentication using push notifications on the mobile devices.

Diverse Detection Criteria

Trigger authentication based on user’s location, network, device, browser etc.

Fingerprint Authentication

Authenticate your users via state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition on touch-enabled devices.

Benefits of QuickLaunch Multi-Factor Authentication

img Improve Security

When it comes to protecting your IT resources, you cannot take chances. Enhance your security through multi-factor authentication.

img Better Flexibility

Enable users to access IT applications from anywhere at any time without compromising on security by enabling multi-factor authentication.

img Better Compliance

You could make your entire system more compliant from a security standpoint by ensuring multi-factor authentication.

img Keep threats at bay

Multi-factor authentication provides a much-needed & trusted additional layer of security that helps keep away threats like unauthorized access etc.

Complementary Multi-Factor Authentication Best Practices Guide

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"We’ve had a really good experience with QuickLaunch SSO. They’ve been very attentive to our needs. We rolled out our SSO portal in January, and we are currently in the process of implementing their password reset product as well. I would definitely recommend them."

- Patrick Brown -

CIO at Illinois College


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