About the Company

The Story of QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch was founded in 2013 with a vision to help Higher Education Institutions tackle the problem of “password fatigue”. It was initially built as a Single Sign-On product to let users access all their applications with a single sign-on username and password. Over the years, it matured into a full-fledged identity platform adding key capabilities such as self-service password reset, multifactor authentication, mobile SSO, AI-based detection and more.

Top institutions such as Colorado Community College System, Virginia Community College System, California State University System, Rockhurst University, St. Mary's University and many more trust QuickLaunch with their Identity management needs.


Our Team

Neeraj Kainth

Chief Executive Officer

Neeraj Kainth, has over 15+ years of industry experience and is aware of the Higher Education industry. Prior to QuickLaunch, he has worked in VMWare & HP. His constant endeavor to unearth and solve identity-related challenges has helped him drive QuickLaunch expand itself from merely being a point-product offering single sign-on into a full-fledged AI-based identity platform with a wide array of capabilities such as password manager, multifactor authentication and more. NK is a highly sought-after speaker at Identity-related events.

QuickLaunch Customer Advisory Board


Patrick Brown

Chief Information Officer, Illinois College

Patrick Brown has been serving Illinois College as the Chief Information Officer since 2014. He has grown from the position of Computer Systems Administrator in 2010 and has also served as interim-CIO for a period of 5 months in 2013. His passion to push the limits of technology in the campus and helping the institution achieve student success through technological advancement has resulted in increased student success at the institution. As part of our Customer Advisory Board, his insights have greatly helped our team to make QuickLaunch a product of choice among Higher Education institutions.


Michael Craig

Director of Infrastructure Services, Rockhurst University

Michael Craig has 20+ years in the Higher Education industry and is currently the Director of Infrastructure Services at Rockhurst University. His exposure to the changing trends in the industry over 2 decades has given him a chance to be the change agent driving key initiatives that would transform IT infrastructure management at Rockhurst University. QuickLaunch has benefitted a great deal with the valuable inputs of Michael Craig.


Shawn Tivnan

Director of Enterprise Systems, Bristol Community College

Shawn Tivnan is the Director of Enterprise Systems at Bristol Community College. Prior to that he served Bristol Community College as the Assistant Director of Web services. He has had 14+ years of experience in the Higher Education industry and his inputs have helped us shape QuickLaunch more suited to the needs of the Higher Education industry. He is a sought-after speaker in IT events and has also been a part of several events in collaboration with NK.